Using Real-Time Video Analytics to Improve Instruction
Forthcoming Article
Authors: Aaron Bargotta
DOI: 10.1615/IntJInnovOnlineEdu.2018026302

The explosive growth of enrollments in courses, especially in Engineering and Computer Science has resulted in the need to rethink how to deliver instructions in large courses. As the number of students increase, it is simply not possible to increase staff and/or add more teaching facilities to deal with the situation. Instead we must think of innovative ways to design technology and rethink delivery methods to improve instructions. One possible way to handle large numbers of students and/or improve instructions is to integrate well-produced instructional videos into the curriculum. In this paper, we describe a new technology platform that was developed at a major research university to address scale and academic diversity of students taking computer science courses. By scale, we mean the number of students taking a course and by academic diversity, we mean the varied levels of academic backgrounds that these students come from. The key idea of our project is to provide an easy to use platform and use real-time analytics to identify topics that needs extra attention and/or identify students where intervention is necessary. Although we discuss large computer science courses, we believe that the technology and method discussed in this paper are equally applicable to any discipline and/or any size class.

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