CryptoCollege: How Blockchain Technology Reimagines Higher Education
Forthcoming Article
Authors: J David Judd
DOI: 10.1615/IntJInnovOnlineEdu.2018028746

Blockchain is a relatively new technology that holds the promise to reimagine the future of higher education. The first commercial use of blockchain was born in the financial industry with the inception of Bitcoin, opening many new ways to conduct financial transactions. Blockchain now has the potential to disrupt higher education. More than the technology, the concept of an open and democratic system of trust can transform higher education in ways that will invite more participation while guaranteeing that all actors receive credit for their contribution. Three areas where disruption is occurring now are: identity and digital credentials; content ownership and collaboration; and financing and funding. As blockchain becomes more mature and in wider use, institutions of higher education must consider the implications of this new technology in order to remain agile and relevant. Institutions should be aware of the potential dangers in ignoring, misunderstanding, or adopting too early this technology. Blockchain holds strong potential to deliver a new hybrid model for higher education that supports life-long learning on a global scale.

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