The research, practice, and process of My So-Called Secret Identity’s Mind Maps
Forthcoming Article
Authors: Sarah Zaidan
DOI: 10.1615/IntJInnovOnlineEdu.2019029914

My So-Called Secret Identity is a superhero comic series with a P.h.D. student whose super power is her intelligence as its protagonist. Created collaboratively by cultural studies and cinema professor Will Brooker, illustrator Susan Shore, and artist, game designer and historian Sarah Zaidan, the series launched as a web comic in 2012. Over the next four years, the series would grow to influence other artists and creators; becoming a text in and of itself. The series’ use of mind mapping to illustrate its protagonist’s thoughts was a unique aspect of the comic and the processes and reasoning involved in their creation contains and reflects artistic and academic influences central to the comic itself. In this article, Zaidan discusses how she transforms the mind map from a learning tool into a tool of storytelling.

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