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The purpose of IJIOE is to explore the blue-sky question: What innovations does online learning provide to support contemporary learning challenges at the post-secondary, high-school, and vocational and industrial training levels? These challenges, which include inclusive education, student wellbeing, student accessibility, disaster planning and recovery, and curriculum differentiation, align with key global challenges and concerns facing the international education community. The journal aims to explore these challenges, report on innovative ways to address them, and promote international collaborations across both disciplines and schooling levels (i.e., high school versus post-secondary levels).

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Call for Submissions: Scholarship of Online Teaching and Learning

We are happy to announce a new stream composed of the Scholarship of Online Teaching and Learning. IJIOE welcomes submissions from faculty and students alike and encourages new ideas, innovations and timely articles in various aspects of contemporary online teaching and learning.

Some examples of topic areas include:

  • Conflation of COVID online learning with established online learning practices
  • Continuity of teaching and learning practices and support in online environments
  • Online / virtual assessment practices

If you would like to contribute, we look to receive your manuscript no later than October 15, 2020.

For inquiries, contact Lisa Fedoruk, SoTL Stream Editor at lisa.fedoruk

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