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The International Journal on Innovations in Online Education (IJIOE) is a peer-reviewed online journal. It is an open source journal that is subsidized and supported by publisher Begell House and other organizations. The policies of the IJIOE are:

  • All published articles are available in open access for the public to read and download
  • There is no article publication charge (APC) for authors to publish their articles
  • An author signs the copyright to Begell House
  • An author may share their original accepted manuscript with the public by posting it on the author's website and/or making it available for download
  • An author may enable public access to their original accepted manuscript via the website of the author's institution
  • An author's original accepted manuscript must include a citation for the original published work and must also provide a link to the Begell House website at which the published work resides
  • The journal is fully funded and supported by Begell House, Inc., other organizations and people like you.

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