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Aim & Scope

The purpose of IJIOE is to explore the blue-sky question: What innovations does online learning provide to support contemporary learning challenges at the post-secondary, high-school, and vocational and industrial training levels? These challenges, which include inclusive education, student wellbeing, student accessibility, disaster planning and recovery, and curriculum differentiation, align with key global challenges and concerns facing the international education community. The journal aims to explore these challenges, report on innovative ways to address them, and promote international collaborations across both disciplines and schooling levels (i.e., high school versus post-secondary levels).

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Welcome to International Journal on Innovations in Online Education Streams. All Streams are arranged by the area or field of interest. Please navigate and participate in the Streams below.

How streams work

Streams are focus areas for articles published in IJIOE. Articles are to be aggregated by stream area and each stream includes a forum page for discussion of articles. You may also share new ideas on innovations, or propose a topic.

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