Editorial Board


John Bourne


Don Spicer Frank Mayadas

Stream Editors

Stream 1: Immersive Online Education
David Seelow
Revolutionary Learning College of Saint Rose

Stream 2: Analytics
Ananda Gunawardena
Princeton University

Stream 3: OnLine Laboratories,
Crowded-Sourced and Citizen Science

Devon Cancilla
University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO

Stream 4: ePortfolios and Prior Learning
Betty Hurley, (Lawrence)
Empire State University
Saratoga Springs, NY

Stream 5: Nursing
Laura Fillmore
Chamberlain University

Stream 6: Competency-based Online Education
Nick White
Capella University

Stream 7: Futures in Online Education
Leah MacVie
Director, Institute for Teaching Innovation D'Youville College
John Reaves
VP Innovation, CEO, Learning Worlds
Jim Vanides
Senior Fellow, EdFutures,Senior Education and Industry Consultant

Stream 8: Startups in Online Education
Linda Nelson
Board of Directors, Tech Fort Worth

Stream 9: Online Music Education
Carol Johnson
The University of Melbourne

Stream 10: Artificial Intelligence in Online Education
Emiliano De Laurentiis
President, Knowledge Avatars, Inc.

Stream 11: Adaptive and Personalized Learning Online
Vlad Goodkovsky
iTutorSoft.com, Washington, D.C.

Stream 12: For Teachers and Their Classes
Richard Larson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Advisory Board

Devon Cancilla, PhD
Vice Provost for Online and Distance Learning
University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO

Ananda Gunawardena, PhD
Professor, Carnegie Mellon
Pittsburgh, PA, Founder, TextCentric, Inc.

Robbie K. Melton, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor
Tennessee Board of Regents, Dickson, TN

Mark Milliron, PhD
Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer
Civitas Learning, Inc., Austin, Texas

Richard Oliver, PhD, CEO
American Sentinel University, Aurora, CO
Kathleen S. Ives, DM
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
Online Learning Consortium

Vijay Kumar, Ed.D Senior Strategic Advisor
Digital Learning
MIT, Cambridge, MA

Charles Thomas
Executive Director
USMAI Library Consortium, Baltimore, MD

Jack Wilson, PhD
President-Emeritus and Distinguished Professor
University of Massachusetts,
Lowell, MA
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